Monday, January 30, 2006

Not Too Bad for a Monday

Well, one of my experiments had some promising results, though we're not quite where we want to be yet. And yes, my microbes did last the weekend, so the second experiment is still alive too.

I spent a lot of the evening reviewing--well, reviewing, taking a break, reviewing, taking a break... no wonder I need several hours to crit a chapter. It can be intense work, though. I haven't had much chance to work on my own projects yet, and I probably won't get far since it's so late. I need a clearer direction for my current scene in Key, and I'd rather start working on the next chapter of Day when I have more time for it.

Since I posted yesterday, I did get three reviews of my latest chapter of Day. All of them say that my main character is spoiled and unsympathetic, so she's going to need some tweaking. I want her to develop over the course of the novel, but I can't make her so awful no one will want to read her. It's a balancing act. In some ways, Day of All Seasons is a more complicated book than Lennon's Line, where I have fewer viewpoints to deal with. Ironic that I wrote Day first; if I knew then what I know now, I might have structured it differently. This is why fools rush in, I guess.

OK, time to stare at Word some more....

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