Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tango and Tender Feet

We had our third and final class at the Level 1 level tonight. It went for two hours, and yes, my feet are still sore. Regular pumps don't work well for tango; I need strappy shoes. I ordered a pair from, so hopefully they'll come in soon.

Eugene and I still need a lot a practice. He worked with one of the instructors tonight and learned he needs to project more to establish a connection. As for me, well, I have even more to work on: relaxing my hips and knees, keeping my weight on the foot it needs to be on instead of shifting too soon, not anticipating my partner.... If it's any consolation, it seems as if some of our fellow students need to work on the same things. And while I'm still having trouble with one of the moves (the cross), I was able to do a sidestep called ochos (eight), where I walk and spin in front of Eugene.

The next class (Level 2) starts the first week in February. In the meantime, I have to break in some new shoes (and buy some shoe inserts so I can be gelling) and practice my weight shifts at work and at home with Eugene.

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