Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Beatlelinks Buddies

Tonight Eugene and I had dinner with our friends Paul and Cara from Michigan. I know them through Beatlelinks, a discussion forum devoted to -- who else?-- the Fab Four. We've also met a couple of times at the Chicago "Fest for Beatles Fans" (which used to be known as "Beatlefest" before they were forced to change the name). Naturally most of the conversation was focused on the Beatles, but I'd like to think Eugene didn't feel left out. (It could be worse; when I visited him during his vet school days, all he and his classmates could talk about was their classes and cases!) Here's a picture of me with Paul and Cara:

I'm holding a special pastry they brought us from a Japanese bakery.

I have a few other things I need to do tonight before I start writing, let alone go to bed, so I'll end this entry here. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little more time to catch up with reviewing, writing, and everything else.

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