Thursday, January 26, 2006

Downs and Ups

I have to admit I didn't feel like blogging last night. Yesterday afternoon was a Murphy kind of time, with several things going wrong at work. While I can't go into detail about my projects, I'm getting inconsistent results with a couple of them--and these aren't trivial projects. Also, I thought I had ordered something important for one of my projects, but after searching for the new box and not finding it, I then checked with our suppliers and realized I hadn't ordered it in the first place. The strange thing is usually I'm pretty good about ordering things before we run out. This is why I always say, "I'm not getting older; I'm growing senile." I placed a quick order before leaving, so hopefully it will come in tomorrow. If it doesn't, it will set our project back even farther. Sigh.

In general, I try not to complain. This is because I've been around several constant complainers, and they made me feel like I was their emotional toxic waste dump. Sure, it's natural to complain every so often, and sometimes you do need to say something in order to solve a problem. Many times, however, people gripe about something that can't be fixed. When I can, I try to solve my own problems, such as ordering supplies and trying to figure out what to do to replicate the results of my experiments. But sometimes the only thing you can do is to change your attitude.

In that case, let me end with some positive things: tomorrow is Friday; it's supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow; I wrote over 600 words tonight and finished a chapter of Day of All Seasons; and most importantly, as soon as I put the computer on Stand By for the night, I can snuggle up to my sweetie. Nothing like holding someone you love to make you feel better.

(Eugene just gave me a thumbs up after he read that last bit, BTW.)

Have a good night, everyone, and may tomorrow be more ups than downs for you.

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