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Ordinary Wonders is my first short story collection. The rest of the books listed are anthologies, with my short story title and a description of my story.

Ordinary Wonders: A Fantasy Short Story Collection

The God of Love is bound by a mortal’s curse. A baker’s daughter learns the value of illusion. A pet detective receives unexpected help to solve a supernatural crime. A plant magician attracts the wrong person when she grows the tallest rosebush in the country. These stories and more are included in Ordinary Wonders, a fantasy short story collection of reprints and new works by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan. These eleven stories include seven stories with unique settings and the four short stories from Young Seasons, tales of the four heroines from Almazan’s fantasy Season Avatars series. Put a little magic into an ordinary day with these stories!

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Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Winters, "A Shawl for Janice"

 A weaver uses a Christmas bird count to visit the site of an ancient family tragedy. Anthology publication date 1/7/20.

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Hidden Histories, "Specimen 1842"

 A genetics researcher is excited to land a job at the Institute, but when she obtains strange results from one of her bone samples, she learns the past isn't the only keeper of secrets.

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MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigaton, "Henry's Harness"

Detective stories with a supernatural twist. Check out my short story, "Henry's Harness," about a ghost bloodhound and his handler, who have to work together to solve a spiritnapping. Lots of other great stories too! Currently available as an eBook.

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Firestorm of Dragons, "A Reptile at the Reunion"

Once, Sybil was a promising student at the University of Magic--until she lost her magic while attempting to evict a dragon from a pear orchard. Now exiled to the magicless world of Earth, the last thing she expects is an invitation to a class reunion. Can Sybil solve the mystery of what really happened during her university days and recover her magic?

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