Saturday, January 07, 2006

At Last, Some Productivity!

I think Eugene and I need to go to Barnes and Noble more often. We’re at the bookstore as I type, though I won’t upload this entry until I’m home since I don’t want to pay for a WiFi connection. It’s probably better for me if I don’t have the Internet hooked up, as I get a lot more done. So far I’ve done line comments for two separate crits (though I’ll write the overall comments later) and written over 400 words for Key. I did write about 150 words on this story earlier, so I’ve actually done about 600 words. It’s so nice to have a longer time to write instead of only an hour or so. I feel I should work on Day too, since I’ve been avoiding that for the last week or so, but I still feel inspired on Key, so that’s what I’ll go back to now. The bookstore will remain open for another hour, so I have to write while the muse is hot.
Update: We were there for nearly four hours, and I wound up with having written over 800 words today. Woo-hoo! I also bought two paperbacks to add to my twin towers of books to read eventually.

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