Sunday, January 29, 2006

Visiting My Parents

Eugene and I haven't seen my parents since Christmas Eve, so we visited them this afternoon after Eugene made some delicious (and healthy) spinach calzones. It'd be nice if he had time to cook more often. ;) Anyway, it seems that lately we get cloudy, windy weather every time we drive up to Wisconsin, and today was no exception. We made it up there safely, though. Heidi turned out to be the main attraction, as she always is. Apparently she thinks it's our mission in life to play with her. Too bad she can't pay us a living wage to throw her toys for her. ;) She even gets attached to ones she can't play with, like a Beanie Baby poodle that looks a lot like her. It's almost like she thinks it's her puppy; Mom puts it out of reach, but Heidi will just sit there and stare at it. Below is a picture of her waiting for the toy, which is on top of that piece of furniture.

After playing with Heidi for a while, we had dinner: salad, chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and asparagus. Mom also brought out a box of Godiva chocolates I gave her, so we helped her eat them. Then we played Uno--a more civilized version than the one I play at work (see previous post). Mom was leading for a while, and Eugene nearly caught up with her. Then Dad and Eugene slammed me with cards and stuck me with a massive score. Eugene says I managed to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory, but I want to make sure credit goes where credit is due.

We drove home afterwards, stopping along the way to get groceries. Working together, we picked up our full load in half an hour (normally it takes an hour) and put them away in fifteen minutes when we got home. Are we a good team or what?

On a writing note, I reviewed a chapter and posted Chapter Three of Day of All Seasons on OWW. Surprisingly, no one's reviewed it yet; normally my regular reviewers return the favor pretty quickly. Sue posted in her blog that she was busy today with real life chores, so I suppose other people are doing the same thing. Then again, maybe it's a good thing my chapter hasn't been reviewed yet. ;)

One final picture before I sign off for the night and start writing: this is of me in my tango dress. I'm getting it altered (it needs shortening, which should be no surprise), and I took a picture of myself after it had been pinned in a few places. At least there's no video of me trying to dance in it, though that would probably rate pretty high on the amusement scale. ;)

Have a good night, everybody!


The Dear NYer said...

Great dress for a Tango. Wow, you look great! I can see you now, spinning and dancing around. Very nice, does Eugene have to wear a tux :)

Sandra said...

Thanks! No, Eugene doesn't have to wear a tux; I think he can get by in a nice shirt and pair of slacks, along with a tie. We don't dress up for our classes; we just wear jeans. Hopefully we'll find a place where I can wear this dress, though.

Russ said...

Being part of Eugene's family, I'm betting you'll find an opportunity soon enough. ;)

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