Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sorbet Social, Anyone?

It's too bad most of my readers live so far away. Thanks to the hot weather we've been having, Eugene and I have been making a lot of sorbet in our ice cream machine. Here's what we've made so far:

Green apple sorbet (the texture of this was still similar to the apples we used to make it)

Lemon sorbet (very good. Tart, of course.)

Peach Melba sorbet (a blend of peaches and raspberries. Although this was supposed to be a peach sorbet, it tastes more like raspberries and lemon--it does have lemon juice as well.)

Mango Mint sorbet (More minty than mango-y. Eugene did use more mint than the recipe called for. It's still very good.)

There are lots of other varieties we want to try yet, and I haven't even mentioned ice cream. Hopefully we'll be able to bring some ice cream or sorbet to Madison for our get-together this fall.

Writing: Still mostly reformatting Lennon's Line and trying to tighten it. Right now it's about 152K. I'd like to get it below 150K. I wound up murdering some darling paragraphs in the first chapter. They had some good inside jokes, but I think they slowed the story down and didn't really add anything. Time to keep plowing along.


Ruben said...

Hello fellow Chicago blogger. After reading your post , I went out and bought just about ever ounce of sorbet I could get my hands on. LOl

Yasser said...

mango mint sorbet sounds excellent.....

The Dear NYer said...

Hi Sara, sorry it's been so long since I've visited but, I had to, had to, comment on this one. Would you and Eugene please perfect a Mojito sorbet for me? Don't ask it's been a rough summer :) Let's recreate the Mojito Sorbet when you two visit NY in September. See you soon, The Dear NYer.

Sandra said...

What's in a Mojito sorbet, Dear NYer? And do you have your own ice cream maker? I don't think we want to lug ours through the airports.

Good to see you back!


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