Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chasing Rainbows

Since I did my chores yesterday, today was my day off. I went to the mall this morning and splurged on some clothes (I'm already trying to find things for the trip to London in September). I hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while, working on Lennon's Line. After dinner, Eugene and I ran a few more errands; he also treated me to Coldstone Creamery, despite all the sorbet we still have at home. It began to rain while we were driving around, but by the time we came out of Coldstone, the rain had stopped. Even better, there was a rainbow. Part of it reached down to Earth while the other end seemed to have sprung from the clouds. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me; I would have tried to take a picture.

Writing: As I mentioned before, I'm still editing Lennon's Line. I'm in a rut; I keep going over the same chapters, tweaking and tightening. Today at least I pulled out my OWW crits to use them. It's funny; none of the people who critted my first chapter (and liked it for the most part) continued with the story. Such is life on the OWW. I think by now that the first chapter is as good as I can make it right now, though I'm debating with myself if it's worth posting all or part of Lennon's Line on OWW. While I have added some new sections that probably should be looked at by some fresh sets of eyes, I'm reaching the point where I need to be done with the story. I do want to finish revisions by the end of the year so I can start querying it around; maybe I should try to push up the deadline. It would be nice if Paul didn't monopolize my brain so I could work on something different. That's what I get for creating such a drama king. ;)

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