Sunday, July 09, 2006

Brunch and Bonding

Both of my parents have birthdays in June, but we weren't able to do anything with them until today. Eugene and I drove up to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin to treat them to brunch. We took the local roads and severely underestimated how long it would take. (Mapquest doesn't account for being stuck behind trucks and having to drive through the downtown of a tourist trap.) But the important thing is we still made it back to my parents' house in plenty of time for the World Cup final. We drove through Delavan, where I grew up; it's grown a lot since then. While Eugene and Dad watched the game, Mom and I went to the mall, where I found jeans and shorts on sale. So we each got to do some same-sex bonding. After the game (Eugene and Dad agreed that the better team didn't win), we had dinner, played a round of Uno, and drove back. I'm temporarily caught up on crits, so I still have some time to work on Lennon's Line tonight.

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