Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If You Can Read This...

You're not in India.

I'm tele-experimenting through the end of the week, which is why I'm able to blog so early in the day. Right now, I'm catching up with the news as I wait to finish a step in my project. I came across this article in the New York Times online. (You'll have to be registered with the site to read the article.) It says that in the wake of the recent terrorist bombings in India, the government has blocked access to and other sites that host online journals. Of course, people are already finding ways around this block, but the mere fact that it was done at all is disturbing. I know that the Internet does make it easier for terrorists to share information, but the same thing can be said for any improvement in technology: change has both good and bad effects. How can we prevent a few ruining it for all?

I don't mean for this to be a political blog, and I doubt I have any readers in India. (If there are, they're probably spammers trying to sneak comments onto my blog.) But this does illustrate what I fear will be a long-term effect of all of the terrorism the world has experienced in recent years: diminished rights for all. I picture the world of Lennon's Line to have fewer freedoms than we have; this will come into play once I start revising the sequel, Catalyst in the Crucible. And the scary thing is Paul and his friends will accept this as natural. Something for us to be thinking about now, not mid-century.

OK, off of my soapbox to check my experiment. Hopefully I'll have a chance to finish reviewing Sue's latest sub and work on Lennon's Line some more. And hopefully I won't get into trouble for expressing myself online. ;)

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