Thursday, June 29, 2006

Take the Long Way Home

When I leave work, I have to make three left turns to get onto the highway for home. The first turn is a doozy; with all of the office buildings around me and everyone trying to leave at 5:00, I can easily wait 10 minutes to make one turn. So lately I've been making a right turn instead to use a road that roughly parallels the highway. Although this route can also get busy, traffic moves a little better than it does out of the office area. It's also handy if I need to run errands; I pass by the mall, Best Buy, a grocery store, Target, and Walmart. But what I like most about this route is the scenery. It passes through a small town that still has a bit of an historical atmosphere to it--old buildings, brick road in the middle of downtown, a park with a gazebo and flags for the Fourth--that type of town. I like the area so much I'd consider buying a house there if I only had myself to consider. Also, there are a lot of trees along this route, and I find it more pleasant to drive than the highway. It does take more time to travel this way than when I use the highway, which is why I almost always take the highway in the morning. But it works well when I want to unwind a bit before I reach home.

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