Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dairy Queen

With the advent of warm weather, Eugene has been corrupting me by treating me to Dairy Queen. (Not that I've minded.) Normally we just pick up a couple of Blizzards via the drive-thru and head home, but this evening we parked nearby to eat them. It was a cool day here for June, with a little rain, so there weren't too many people walking up to the normal service window. A fair number of cars went through the drive-thru, though.

The experience made me think of times when my parents treated me to ice cream. When I was very young, we also went to Dairy Queen, though I'm not sure if they had Blizzards back then. (Didn't Blizzards come along in the 80's?) Later, when we lived in the small town of Delavan, they had an independent ice cream place called Anchor Inn. It's been so long since I went to that part of Delavan that I don't know if Anchor Inn is still in business. Much later, when we lived in Janesville, a city several times as big as Delavan, my parents would treat us to ice cream at -- McDonald's. I think Janesville does have a Dairy Queen and several other places to get ice cream, but I think my parents just preferred the soft serve at McDonald's. The only thing is that it's so very vanilla. Isn't it common knowledge that chocolate is one of the main food groups?

I may not be losing weight, but at least I have a backlog of memories along with my ice cream, and they're fat-free.

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Russ said...

When I think of being a child and going to Dairy Queen, I think only three words: butterscotch Dilly Bar.

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