Thursday, June 22, 2006

Listening to Some Different Tunes

Things went better at work today, even though I didn't do as well at Family Business. But tonight I critted Sue's latest chapter and ripped a couple CDs I borrowed from the library. Nothing in the rock section called me yesterday, so I wound up borrowing some Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. I just finished listening to the Mikado. I've seen videos of it but haven't been to a live performance. Still, it's fun listening to it. I also checked out the Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach, which I used to have on cassette. (Remember those things? I still have my casette collection, but I don't listen to them much because I don't have a player in my car. Some of my favorites are getting too worn anyway.) My favorite song from P.D.Q. Bach is the Cantata "Iphigenia in Brooklyn." How can you resist kazoos and running noses?

Writing: Haven't done much so far, and it's getting late. If I can at least finish the scene I'm working on, that'll be progress.

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