Monday, June 26, 2006

Party Pictures

Eugene sent me some photos he took at the graduation party yesterday:

Sophia, one of our flower girls, and her father, Dirk. (He's my cousin.) Sophia's grown a lot since our wedding!

My cousin's husband Al is in the background; Uncle Andreas is holding Ari.

There's one more picture, but I didn't save it to my computer.

Writing: I copyedited the first chapter of Crystals for Sue and did a quick edit of one of my own chapters in Lennon's Line. I corrected a few typos but didn't change much; it's nice to know I am capable of leaving my writing alone instead of tossing it all out and starting over with each draft. Still, editing and outlining don't satisfy my writing needs; maybe I can try writing out a short story version of the sequel to Lennon's Line instead of outlining it.

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The Dear Nyer said...

Sandra, I love these pictures. The little girl is so cute. I love the doggie too.

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