Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Season Avatars #A-ZChallenge: Challen and Chaos Season

The Season Avatars series takes place in the country of Challen. Although Challen isn't a unified country yet in Seasons' Beginnings, it's become one by the time of Scattered Seasons, which takes place about eight hundred years later. Challen occupies the eastern half of a continent which is never named in the series. A river named the Chikasi runs from the northwest to the southeast corners of the country. Despite the erratic effects of Chaos Season (which I'll discuss next), Challen is a very fertile land thanks to the Four Gods and Goddesses and Their Avatars. Although much of the land is devoted to farming, there are some industries, such as weaving and coal mining. (Important towns and cities will be discussed as they come up in the challenge.) Technologically, Challen is similar to Victorian England, albeit a polytheistic, feminist version.

Chaos Season is such a critical aspect of the series I named Book Three after it. Chaos Season is a magical weather storm that mixes up the seasons. One minute, winter might interrupt summer; the next, fall or spring will replace it. Plants and animals also get mixed up. Plants bloom out of season, and animals mate or migrate at the wrong times. Only the Season Avatars can restore the balance and prevent Challen from falling into ruin. Why is Challen cursed with Chaos Season? Read Seasons' Beginnings to find the answer.


PT Dilloway said...

A feminist polytheistic Victorian England would be interesting.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I hope you check it out, Pat!

Yolanda Renée said...

Such great characters and excellent writing!

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