Sunday, April 30, 2017

Season Avatars #AtoZChallenge: Zoology

Fall Avatars aren't the only ones who are interested in animals. The University in Wistica has its own Zoology Department. Students can not only study the collection of modern preserved animals but also study fossils of ancient animals. If you happen to be the owner of the land where a fossil was found, you can come present your own lecture speculating what kind of creature possessed such strange bones. Just don't be surprised if the Fall Avatar in attendance corrects you. Zoology plays a role in Fifth Season,which is told by the Fall Avatar in charge of animals.

This concludes my Season Avatars A-Z Blogging Challen. I hope you enjoyed it! If you'd like to explore the world further, the prequel Seasons' Beginnings is permafree.

Congrats to Karen O'Connor for winning the series giveaway! Please let me know what format you'd like for your eBooks.

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

That sounds very neat! So many fascinating animals out there. Hope you had fun on the A to Z. I'm still trying to get everyone visited. lol

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