Thursday, April 13, 2017

Season Avatars #AtoZChallenge: Kay and Kron

Kay ava Seltich is the shortest, youngest, and least confident of the Season Avatars. However, as the Winter Avatar, she has the most powerful magic--that of weather. She can create lightning balls, summon rain and hail, or make them disappear. As a Winter Avatar, she can tap into the magic of Chaos Season, drain it, and share it with her sister Avatars so they can heal the damage left behind by the storm. Kay was born to a working-class family in Wistica and worked as a seamstress before the rest of her quartet found her. She is harassed by both Dorian and Salth, but she'll get to tell her story in Summon the Seasons once I finish the revisions.

Kron Evenhanded earned his surname by being both ambidextrous and fair-minded. He was born with a knack for making magical artifacts. In particular, he's known for making magical finders and creating portals to other locations. He takes a "pantser" approach to creating artifacts, putting random things together until they feel right to him. After attending the ancient Magic Institute, Kron drifted around until he arrived in Vistichia, where he met both the beautiful, kind Bella--and Sal-thaath, Salth's magically created son. His relationships with both of them play a crucial role in the beginnings of the Season Avatars and Chaos Season. Read more about him in the permafree prequel Seasons' Beginnings.


Jean Davis said...

Kron sounds like a handy guy to have around. I could use some magical finders and those portals...they would save a ton on gas. Besides, gotta love a fellow pantser. :)

PT Dilloway said...

If Kay fought Storm from the X-Men who would win?

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Jean, portals are probably the only way I can get my son to school on time!

Pat, that's a good question! Although Storm is my favorite X-Man, I haven't read any comics featuring her for a long time. Kay can draw on the weather system of an entire country, but she can't use her magic to fly. Maybe they should just call it a draw.

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