Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Tango Bowl

Tonight Tango II started up, which meant poor Eugene couldn't watch the Super Bowl in real time. (He told me later that if the Bears had made it, we wouldn't have gone to class.) He taped it, so he's watching that now while I update my blog.

This class is essentially a continuation of what we've learned before. Technique is still important, but now we're adding "decorations," such as the man putting the inside of his foot against the woman's shoes so it looks like he's stopping her. (Actually, he stops her by directing her with his chest--that's where the connection between the dancers is. The foot is a "fake" to look pretty.) We're also still switching partners, which is especially useful when the partner can give you hints on how to improve. It seems that if we stick with one person, we're more likely to pick up bad habits. I think we're getting there, but we need to practice more. Our instructor told us we can practice on carpet if we take our shoes off, so I think that's what we'll have to do. It's a shame that I won't get to break in my new tango shoes, but I did that a little yesterday as I was doing chores around the house. (Wearing heels for housework sounds so 50's, doesn't it? At least I wasn't wearing pearls.) We're going to miss class next week due to Eugene's conference in Madison, but our instructor assured us we can make it up during the third class.

I see Russ and Sara have posted a list of their previous jobs in their blogs. That's a good way to get to know people, but I'll wait until tomorrow to do that here. I feel like I already posted a lot today. I did do some writing as I said I would; I wrote about 550 words in Day of All Seasons. Before I go to bed, I might start getting some more wedding DVDs ready to send out to my cousins and aunt and uncle. I may also try to work on Key a bit.

Finally, I seem to be having better luck posting pictures now, so I'll add those pictures from the Berghoff that I talked about earlier:

The sign outside. The entrance was beneath it, so reaching the sign was the highlight of the evening.

This is supposed to be a shot of the interior, but the lighting wasn't good enough to show you the details on the walls.

One of the murals.

Dark details of the decor.

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