Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sideways and the Gordian Knot

We had a couple of late nights (late for us, anyway, as we're old geezers) this weekend, which is why I haven't been blogging. I haven't been writing either, though I hope to make it up this afternoon. As for blogging, I plan to post a couple of short entries today.

Friday night we rented Sideways, since Eugene wanted to see it. It's the story of Jack, an actor, and his college roommate Miles, a depressed and divorced writer who's a wine snob. Jack is getting married, and his best man Miles takes him to the Napa Valley for a week of golf, wine, women, and mid-life crises before the wedding. (After having survived the wedding experience myself, I thought the bride was too calm about how things were going the week before the wedding. In her brief scene, they were still trying to decide what type of cake they wanted, which is not something you'd want to worry about that close to the date. And while I wouldn't have objected if Eugene had had a bachelor party, taking the whole week before the wedding off seems a bit much to me. But Eugene was much more involved in the wedding planning than the typical guy, and I appreciate that. But I'm digressing. Am I supposed to digress?) Anyway, during the trip, Miles develops a closer relationship with a waitress at his favorite restaurant (she's studying horticulture and has a good sense of wine), while Jack hooks up with another lady who works at a winery. Jack, however, leads his woman on, and the deception wreaks havoc with both sets of couples.

Eugene was particularly interested in this movie because of the wine references. He enjoyed, but I found the male characters unsympathetic, as they both do some unsavory things. But perhaps another reason why I wasn't too excited about this movie was because I had to deal with the Gordian knot during it. If you've ever worked with yarn, you know that in the center of every skein is a free Gordian knot you have to untangle. I crocheted a few rows of the afghan, then I realized I needed to start a new color of yarn and that I needed to roll up a new skein of yarn into a ball first. Eugene helped, but even so, it took me over an hour to deal with tangled web inside that skein. I hope the others aren't so bad. I crocheted a couple more rows yesterday, so now I'm on row five. Maybe if I do a little every day, it won't be as bad.

On to my next entry....

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