Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Latest Picture

Since the Dear NYer asked to see what my hair looks like after I got it cut last week, here's the latest picture of me. I had my hair in a French braid most of the day, so it's probably a little more wavy than usual. The general shape of the cut is the same as what I normally get, though.

My writing's going slowly again, but I am making some headway on the afghan. I'm on row number 14. Of course, there's over a hundred rows, so it'll take a while. At least it gives me something to do while we watch movies.

Well, it's almost 11:00, nearly bedtime. Let me try switching stories to see if the muse likes that one better tonight.


The Dear NYer said...

Nice pic, I see some more layers, no? I like it!!! Thanks.

Did you take that pic yourself, looking in the mirror? Wow, you guys have a big bedroom. I think the apartments out here tend to be smaller.

Sandra said...

Thanks, Dear NYer! I think the layers from my haircut in November do show up more now. And yes, that is our bedroom. If you want to see big apartments, though, you should go to Wisconsin. My previous apartment was bigger and only about half the rent of what I pay now. Location, location, location.

The Dear NYer said...

I hear that :) My apartment here, in NY, is the size of your bedroom. Please don't ask what we pay, it is probably so ridiculous that I may start packing my things tonight ;)

Eugene said...

You know, DearNYer, I've seen the prices for the broom closets you call apartments out there. OVCH! (oops, ancient Roman spelling ;) It makes our place look like a palatial estate.

The Dear NYer said...

I know, I know, what can I say? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION :)

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