Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dancin' in the Dining Room

I figured I should blog a little earlier tonight to make sure I check in before I get too tired.

Tonight Eugene and I finally did something we've been meaning to do for a while: practice tango. After a late dinner (we made a big pork tenderloin, and it took longer than we expected), we put on a tango CD from the library, slipped into comfy clothes and socks, and practiced our steps. I should say right away that our apartment was not meant to be a dance studio. Even if you discount the carpeting, the halls are too narrow for a sidestep, and we have too many piles of stuff laying around to create more space. Also, we didn't remember how our feet should go to get into the particular steps we wanted to practice. Still, we were able to practice going up and down while pressing our palms together to work on our connection. We also tried going into a position called the cross, in which I have one leg crossed in front of the other. You need to develop a certain amount of momentum to make this flow from the steps, and again we didn't have enough room to make this work very well. We need to find a bigger place to practice and to ask our instructors about certain steps again. Still, it's a start, and maybe we can try again later this week.

As far as working on other projects, I finished another row of my afghan and wrote a hundred words of Day tonight. Hopefully the muse will help me finish my current scene tonight and, if I'm lucky, decide if I want to keep the next scene or change that one too. Better get busy.


Eugene said...

I have to say, our dancing is a little better. However, it would help our practicing if we could remember some of the steps from class. I guess we have to PM our instructors.

The Dear NYer said...

Hey, when/where will we get a chance to see you two "tripping the light fantastic." Oh Geeze, I just realized my age is showing ;)

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