Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Few Random Notes From ChiCon 7

I've attended lots of panels, but sometimes it's hard to hear what the panelists are saying. More thoughts on panels later.

So far I've attended a panel moderated by Ben Bova. I've also seen Hugh Howey, Connie Willis, and Naomi Kitzmer (not sure of spelling) in passing. Gotta love a WorldCon.

I just bought a long-sleeved shirt since the hotel is over-air-conditioned. I also hear a pair of owl earrings calling me, so I'll have to go back to the dealer's room for them. I've tried looking for the third book in Lynn Viehl's StarDoc series but haven't found it yet. I did see the fourth book but didn't get it. I'll probably regret it later.

I haven't been to any parties (yeah, I'm a party pooper), but I did attend the masquerade last night. Pictures will come later, as will a more thorough writeup. Back to the con....

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