Friday, August 31, 2012

ChiCon Report: Day 1

For the first two days of ChiCon, I'm going to be a "day tripper." My son is in school, and I'm normally the one who drops him off and picks him up. I actually had to leave the con right when opening ceremonies were about to start so I could get Alex. So all I did Thursday was pick up my badge and program supplies, get oriented, drop off books for BroadUniverse, and help at the table. I did see some other BroadUniverse members I knew (and meet some new ones) and sell a copy of Lyon's Legacy. Hopefully more will follow. I also got to see someone whom I haven't seen in a while--the lady who makes the jigsaw puzzles featured in the photo on top of this blog. I came home with a baby penguin puzzle for Alex and a dragon for my bookshelf. It's quite possible I'll pick up more puzzles or other things in the dealer's room before the end of the con.

Tomorrow I'll be attending panels in earnest--if I can decide on which ones are the best per time period. That's always a hard decision. The "Future of Food" panel I'm on got moved from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon, right before the BroadUniverse Rapid-Fire-Reading. I will end up staying later on Friday, but not very late.

I'm not sure if I'll have more updates over the weekend, but if not, then next week for sure. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend, everyone! There will be a BRoP interview on Monday, so swing by if you have the time.

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