Monday, June 18, 2012

Writing on the Go

Normally on Monday I post part of an author interview, but we're currently between interviews. (A new one starts tomorrow on Dean's blog if you want to start following along from there.) So I shall tell you about what I did yesterday--visit the Shedd Aquarium with my family and still manage to get some writing time in.

In addition to revising Twinned Universes, I'm also in the middle of writing a short story. I printed the short story out and wrote while we drove to the Shedd, waited in line to get in, and as we drove home. Although I made sure to bring a pen with me, I couldn't find it while we were waiting in line, so I wound up using my son's red crayon instead. I got a lot more writing done than I normally do on the weekend; in fact, I even finished the short story!

Have you ever had to resort to unusual writing supplies to meet your daily word count? If so, what were they?

P.S. Happy 70th Birthday, Sir Paul McCartney!

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