Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some of My Favorite Pins--Recipes

Maria asked last week to see some of my favorite pins on Pinterest. I have enough boards (collections of pins) for several posts. Some of my collections are book-and-writing related; some aren't. Today, I'm going to display a few pins from my recipe collection.

My husband and I joined Weight Watchers in January, so I'm always looking for meal ideas that fit into the plan. I've saved a lot of promising recipes from their website as well as from SkinnyTaste. Here are some recipes I've actually made. I'm afraid the pictures themselves won't post, but you should be able to follow the links.

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

Zucchini, Basil, and Goat Cheese Omelet

Baked Eggs with Wilted Baby Spinach

Low-fat Baked Ziti with Spinach

Asian Skillet Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas

Cookies and Cream Shake

I think I need to start printing these recipes out and storing them in a binder.

Do you look for recipes too? If so, for what type of food? Do you tend to look up recipes for a one-shot deal, or do you save them for later use?


Maria Zannini said...

Even though cooking isn't my favorite chore, I do like to look for recipes especially for Indian and Oriental dishes.

Sandra Almazan said...

Do you have any good recipes for dal, Maria?

Maria Zannini said...

You know, I've never made dal. Usually when I want to try Indian, I look up whatever sounds intriguing on the internet. If they use ingredients I can find readily, I'll try it. I don't have an ethnic grocery store close to me, so it's usually something I have to plan in advance.

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