Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Facebook Fast

It seems like my daily life is getting busier and busier, making it harder to find the time I want to write. In an effort to free up more time to write, last week I decided to go on a "Facebook fast." Most of what I do on Facebook is play games, so that's what I gave up. I did go on occasionally to check the news feed, but that was it. I made it for almost a week before I gave in; however, I've only picked up two games instead of the half-dozen I was previously playing. I'm debating whether I want to give up some of those games for good, though I feel bad about the ones where I'm playing as part of a group. I'm holding off on deciding anything on those games for now. Of course, if I go long enough without playing them, then it gets harder to catch up--assuming I even have the motivation to go back to them.

Have you given up anything for writing? How do you cope with the timesuck that is Facebook (if you're on it, that is)?


Tere Kirkland said...

I've had to give up twitter for writing. If I even open my twitter feed I wind up spending hours catching up. I even took it off my phone! O_O

It had to be done, though, if I'm going to finish my new novel anytime soon.

E. M. LaBonte said...

I gave up all the Facebook games. They were sucking up all my time and nothing was getting done. So the FB games have gone, and I blocked the feed for game requests, all news feed and nothing more. It was hard not to go back at first, but now, since I'd have to do way too much catching up, it sounds too much like work, so it's now easy to stay away. My writing has thanked me for it.

Dean C. Rich said...

My job has me doing so much that I haven't done much with FB to start with. I did do a few here and there, but I never got into those games.

I find it is a matter of setting priorities. Deciding what matters most and work on those things.

I am blocking out time to do writing. I've decided I won't be getting my lunch hour back anytime soon, so I've got to block out some time to write. FB is out there, but I only check in a few times a month.

AQC.... but that helps my writing :-)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Tere, I don't think it's possible to catch up with Twitter, I do use it, but it seems to have a high noise-signal ratio to me.

E.M., blocking does help. And Dean, it's a lot easier to not start like you did than to give it up later!

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