Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

I missed last week's Work in Progress Wednesday since I posted about Flogging the Quill. The last couple of weeks have been slow anyway. I know where I need to go with Across Two Universes, but the logistics of getting there are a bit difficult to figure out. I'm tossing out a lot of previously written material to improve the pacing and tension. Here are my current stats:

Currently On: Chapter Six, Page 55 (out of 295)
Word Count: 96,000

At this rate, this will be the shortest novel I've ever written. (grin)

On a positive note, our current blog chain writing challenge inspired me to work on a short story. It's a prequel to the Cupid/Psyche myth. So far it's only about 280 words, but I'd like to keep this one short, perhaps even flash fiction. Of course, first I have to finish the thing. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by discussing this project.


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Ooh, tossing material can be hard, but it's a good thing to be able to do it when necessary.

I know what you mean about the short story - as soon as I finish my first round of revisions, I'm gonna play with some short stories while my WIP is out to beta readers.

Anonymous said...

Cool - the blog chain topic inspired me to write a short story how that works!!!

ElanaJ said...

Dude, Sandra, I'm with you. My novels are always soooo long. Writing something short is really, really hard for me. I can go on...and on...and on. No jinxage. You'll be fine! :)

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