Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

Hard to believe it's been a week since my last blog entry. Alex hasn't been sleeping well, so I haven't been sleeping well. Heck, I don't sleep well even when he does. I've either busy or too tired to blog, but updating my status doesn't take too long.

After reading the post on the QueryTracker blog about manuscript formatting, I decided to switch from Courier to Times New Roman for my font. Consequently, the total number of pages in my manuscript shrank dramatically since last week:

Currently On: Chapter Five, page 45
Total Pages: 309
Total Words: About 101,000

(As you can see, I pulled out some text as well, though I put it in a separate file in case I decide to use it after all.)

For comparison, last week I was about 12.7% through the manuscript; now, I'm at 14.6%. Not too bad, given I didn't get much done over the weekend.

My chapter ending did well during Authoress's Drop the Needle crit-fest last week. Most of the suggestions were nits, pointing out some repetition and sentences that could be tightened. Otherwise, almost everyone wanted to read further. I'm pretty pleased, especially since that scene is new.

Time to get back to work; I left Paul after he revealed his secret to his friends. They're reacting differently to different parts of it, so there's lots of potential here for conflict. My latest Blog Chain post will appear by Friday or Saturday, so come back soon!


ElanaJ said...

Yay! Score one for TNR! And I hope Alex starts sleeping better soon. And you too. There's nothing worse than being up at night.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh, I hear you on the sleeping! My little guy is still getting his last few teeth in and everytime a new one starts to come through we have a week or two of bad sleep.

I also read that QT blog posting and while I already write in TNR, the thing that made me think twice was when it said not to doublespace after periods. I have been doing that for over ten years and don't think I can break myself of the habit!

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