Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alex at the Childrens' Museum

It's been hard finding time to blog lately. Perhaps that's due to a lack of energy, which is due to more sleeping problems with Alex. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, no one gets any rest. But when he's interested in something, he keeps going even without a nap. Take this last Sunday, when we went to a first birthday party for the daughter of one of Eugene's family friends. They held the party at the Kohl Childrens' Museum. Unfortunately, the time slot they had was from noon to 1:45, right during Alex's normal nap (and I think also for the birthday girl). The party included general admission for all of the guests, so after lunch and cake, we were able to take Alex around the museum. Even though he's not yet two, there were a lot of things he was able to do. Here are some of the pictures:

We didn't notice he had his hand tucked into his overalls until I uploaded the picture to my computer.

Alex loves yellow. Between the yellow interior and yellow balls, we thought we'd never get him out of there!
Looking at the outside.
Steering a boat.

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The Dear Nyer said...

Wow, he is sooooo adorable Sandra. They grow up so fast. I love these pics, please keep sharing more.

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