Friday, March 31, 2006

Slacking Off

Well, after seeing Colin and Brad and Sunday, what else can I post to top that? That's part of the reason I haven't posted: just another case of same ol', same ol'. I've also been very lazy this week. I've done some reviews on OWW, but my writing has been slow. Maybe it's time for me to leave Key alone for a while and work on something else, like Day or editing Lennon's Line. I might start over with Day, and I'm on the editing stage of Lennon's Line. Would anyone else like to switch the first part from first person to third person for me? I didn't think so. Maybe I just need more sleep to recharge my batteries.

And Dear NYer, what happened to the idea of you coming out to the Midwest sometime soon?


The Dear NYer said...

Ah, yes, that....still working out the details. I can't believe it has become so difficult to visit family. You know how it goes? One weekend works for you it doesn't for them, the other weekend is good for them but, not for you. And, so it goes.....We are looking at weekends in June possibly July. Thank you for asking, I'll keep you all posted once my "visit" is confirmed.

Sandra said...

Thanks, Dear NYer! Hopefully whatever weekend you pick will work for us as well.

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