Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's Is On Me

In case anyone needs proof that I'm a complete klutz, I spilled water on my laptop yesterday. I had a glass of water near my computer, and I fumbled my grip as I picked it up. As I tried to blot off and remove the water, my laptop went out. I had to go somewhere, so I let it dry until I got back. At first I thought I'd lucked out, as I was able to turn my laptop on and surf the Net. Unfortunately, that only lasted for 10-15 minutes until my laptop died and stayed off. To make matters worse, I hadn't purchased an extended warranty last year. I called Dell anyway and, after figuring out I'd fried the motherboard (no surprise there), ordered a new one. That'll be a painful lesson to me: keep the drinks farther away from the electronics no matter how hydrophillic I am. I should get the motherboard by the end of the week. If I can't install it on my own or with Dell's help, I'll see if my dad can do it. In the meantime, Eugene and I will share his computer. I probably won't get as much done, but I think I need a break anyway.

Yesterday wasn't a good day for our tango dance instructor either. We missed the final class last Sunday when we saw Colin and Brad, so we made it up with a private session at her home. That went well; we may go dancing with the instructors and another couple from the class some weekend. Since she has two cats and has been too busy to bring them to a vet, Eugene made a house call after the lesson. One of the cats freaked out (we think he thought Eugene was someone else) and scratched our instructor. It was a long scratch, but fortunately it wasn't deep. She took it in stride, though.

OK, time to pull out the flash drive and check my files. I think I backed up last week, so I shouldn't have lost too much.


makoiyi said...

Now, aren't you glad I told you to save everything the other day?

I hope it all gets better soon.


Sandra said...

Thanks, Sue. If anything, it'll give me some incentive to revise Lennon's Line. I hadn't started that yet, so I don't have to worry about redoing the revisions.

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