Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wedding Photos!

Daily word check-in: 591 words in Key. I did really well before dinner, but towards the end the muse decided I'd done enough for the night.

As I mentioned yesterday, we got to pick up our album order from the photographer tonight. A couple of pictures for the album got mixed up, but they'll fix them for us. We're pretty pleased with the results despite the mix-up. We still have to review all of the orders for our guests to make sure they're correct before we send them out. Here are a few pictures I took with my camera as a preview:

Our wall folio. The top picture is of us with both sets of parents.

Our album, in navy with silver lettering (to match our wedding colors). It says "Our Wedding" above the photo; in the corner are our names and the wedding date.

A sample page from the album, where Eugene and I walk down the aisle with our parents.

The final page, where we bid everyone good night. I think that's what I should be doing right now...

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Russ said...

I don't remember that "waving goodbye" photo at all! Huh. Well, there were a lot of photos to look at. The album looks great, I'll have to see it in person sometime. Meanwhile, I'll look forward to getting my prints!

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