Monday, March 13, 2006

Quick Check-In

And the word count for the day was 501 words in Key. We'll see how off-Key they are when I revise. (Yes, I'll be here all week. Why are you leaving?) In other news, Eugene got to see a band of cats play instruments when he dropped off some rabies tags for one of his clients. She's an animal trainer who's appeared on Jay Leno and other shows. One of Eugene's cats at the clinic was hers and used to be able to play the drums and ride a skateboard. He saw cats play the drums, the piano, and a guitar. I don't think they're up to covering Beatles tunes, though.

We found out tonight that our wedding pictures are done ahead of schedule. We get to pick them up and start the sorting process tomorrow. It should be interesting to see how well the album turned out, since it was hard figuring that out.


The Dear NYer said...

Hi Sandra, looks as if you have really been busy with that word count. I am so happy you are getting your album back must be exciting. Maybe you can share some with the rest of us on here :)

Sandra said...

Nice to see you commenting again, Dear NYer!

Eugene plans to scan our proofs in (we get to keep them but had to give them to the photographer while they prepared our album), so I might some when they're ready. We have nearly a thousand proofs, so it will take some time.

Sandra said...

I meant I might post some once they're ready. So much for my vaunted copyediting skills.

Russ said...

Hey, does that mean I'm finally getting the couple I bought? Seems to me it was last Fall I ordered those (oh, WAIT, it was...)

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