Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

That's the name of the musical Eugene and I saw last night. It's about relationships, from dating to marriage to divorce/widowhood and beyond. The cast, two men and two women, take on various roles as they go from scene to scene. (One of them looked like Russ, especially in one scene where he played a lawyer.) Eugene and I thought many of the points made in these scenes were true-to-life. Some of the scenes were funny, such as when one of the women asks a man to bring condoms over when she makes dinner for him or when a family was driving along in their "car" (four wheeled chairs powered Fred Flintstone style), and some were touching, such as when a middle-aged man wonders if he should be less in love with his wife or when two elderly people find love at a funeral. (That was one of my favorite scenes.) We enjoyed this musical and would recommend seeing it if it comes to your area. I think it's finally finishing its run in Chicago.

We're supposed to get several inches of snow today, but that hasn't stopped us from doing the laundry or shopping for groceries, and it won't keep us from tango tonight. Before then, I'll see if I can do some more writing. I'm at 3714 words for the week, which is over my original goal of 3500/week. Let's see if I can keep that up or if I can make it to 4000 for the week. I also need to review some chapters. Sue was kind enough to tell me to focus on the marathon and not review her latest chapters, but two other people put up new ones. A critter's work is never done.

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