Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Anthology Update

Some of you may remember last year that I sold a short story to a fantasy anthology. It's an unusual situation in that the editor hasn't sold the anthology itself to a publisher. I hadn't heard anything from them since last July, even after I queried. Today the main editor finally sent out an update. It turned out that her original co-editor had to step down, but luckily another one joined the project and was able to help her. They plan to submit the anthology to a publisher next month. Cross your fingers that she accepts it. They do have some alternates in mind in case she turns it down, but it would be a great relief to learn that this book has a home.

My word count for the day was 547 words on Key. We spent part of the evening double-checking the extra pictures from our photographer. Russ, I'm sorry to say there were a couple of problems with your order. The photographer got the proof number mixed up for one of the pictures you ordered, and it looks like you copied down the wrong number for another picture. (It looks like you meant to order a picture of yourself, but instead you got one of Adam.) We'll go over the orders one more time before we contact the photographer. Hopefully it won't take as long to fix the prints as it did to get them back.


Russ said...

Well, how do you know I didn't WANT a picture of Adam, huh? Huh?

(Just kidding, you know that, right? Right?)

No, given how long that photographer took the first time around, and given that he seemed to mess up your order too, I'm not too surprised to hear there will be more delays. Oh, but, by the way? When you say that "I" wrote down the wrong number, it seems to me that you and Eugene were looking over my shoulder the whole time! Huh?!? Huh?!? Yeah, so there. Nyah.

Eugene said...

Well, you said that you don't put EVERYTHING about you on the blog ;)

Sandra said...

Yeah, Natalie's going to wonder why you want a picture of her husband. ;)

And yes, Russ, despite me not having all 971 photos memorized by letter and number, we will get you the right pictures as soon as possible.

The Dear NYer said...

Russ, can't you just admit you MIGHT have written down the wrong numbers, sheesh. You were human last time I checked ;)

Sandra, Eugene, I just looked at some of the wedding photos you posted, they are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more :)

Oh and Sandra, good luck. But, I am sure you won't need it.

Russ said...

Oh, sure, take "their" side...

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