Monday, December 29, 2014

Writing Plans for 2015

With the new year only a few days away, I thought this was a good time to discuss my current and future writing projects for 2015.

I'm currently working on a Catalyst Chronicles story about Julia Kee, a minor character from Twinned Universes. This won't be a full-length novel; I expect it to be a novelette (7,500-17,500 words) or possibly a short novella (shorter than Lyon's Legacy). It's been a bit difficult completing this story, partly because I've had to do some research into Julia's culture (she's half Navajo), and partly because the story took some detours during drafting. Hopefully I can finish it and move on to the next main story in the Catalyst Chronicles: Catalyst in the Crucible. I have a partial draft of it, but I need to do more worldbuilding for certain sections.

I have formatted Scattered Seasons, Book Two of the Season Avatars series. After I review it, it'll be time to contact the beta readers and my cover artist. I plan to publish it by spring so it's available in time for WisCon. However, I need to finish outlining/prewriting activities for the next book, Chaos Season, so I can start drafting it. While I'd love to have it available by the end of the year, it depends on how my other writing projects go.

If time permits, I want to bundle my fantasy short stories into a collection so they're available in paper format. This collection would include "Letters to Psyche," "Silver Rain," "The Book of Beasts," some short stories that appeared in various issues of Indie Writers Monthly, a set of four short stories about the Season Avatars in Scattered Seasons, and a couple of unfinished short stories I have to finish.

With all of this, as well as my day job and my son, I expect to be busy next year. How about you? Do you have any projects, writing or otherwise, for 2015?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Helps to have a plan! Might sound like a lot, but busy people tend to get things done.
I just want to survive one more book launch...

Sandra Almazan said...

Good luck with the book launch, Alex!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


goals. It's been a long time since I set goals. I'm happy to drag myself out of bed every day :)

Maria Zannini said...

You are REALLY going to be busy in 2015, but they're all very doable plans.

When I was in grade school, I was best friends with a little Navajo girl. I was absolutely spellbound by the stories she told of her culture.

I'm glad you're doing research on that part of Julia--though I'd expect nothing less from you. :)

Sandra Almazan said...

Sometimes getting up is the hardest part of the day, Mac.

Maria, I don't think I can do the Navajo culture justice, since it's so complex. But I hope to avoid the worst mistakes.

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