Monday, May 21, 2012

Scientific American, June 2012

I don't have an interview for you today, but there will be one on Memorial Day.

Since I finished reading the latest issue of Scientific American over the weekend, here are a few articles I thought would be interesting to science fiction writers and readers:

"The Ultimate Social Network"--Between five and seven pounds of our body weight is due to the bacteria living on our skin and inside us. These bacteria may affect our health in ways we're only beginning to understand. Unfortunately, some of the most helpful strains are becoming less common due to antibiotics.

"The Human Brain Project"--This article discusses how a project to create a digital simulation of the human brain will affect computing and medicine.

"Fusion's Missing Pieces"--Although several countries are participating in a venture to build a fusion reactor, the project is over budget and behind schedule.

In other news, I ordered something last week for WisCon. It's already shipped, so I'm crossing my fingers that it arrives by Tuesday night. If it does, I'll take a picture and blog about it on Wednesday.

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