Friday, May 11, 2012

Science of the Week, 5/11/12

Is it just me, or do the weeks seem to be passing faster and faster?

Here are a few science links for the week:

Free-floating planets in the Milky Way Outnumber Stars

Secrets of the first practical artificial leaf

Bacteria as computer builders

Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting

African scientist, disigner partner to fashion anti-malaria garment

Some giant planets in other systems likely to be alone

"Losing yourself' in a fictional character may affect your real life (you may have seen this one discussed elsewhere)

Can that train rumble or glass reflection power your laptop?

Dinosaur burps may have warmed prehistoric Earth

Robot reveals the inner working of brain cells

There, that should keep you busy for a while. In case it doesn't, there's always National Train Day tomorrow. While my son probably prefers Halloween or Christmas, I'm sure National Train Day is on his favorite holiday list. I think I'll stick to Mother's Day myself. ;)

Have a good weekend, and be sure to return Monday for another Blog Ring of Power interview!

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