Sunday, December 10, 2006

Social Butterfly

That's not how I would describe myself, but it's how my weekend went.

Saturday I got to see my good friend Kristi for the first time in months. She was down for the weekend at her parents' house, which is much closer to me than her current location. So I brought her a couple of gifts that I picked up in London for her. We had lunch at a local diner, then we braved the mall. Kristi was lucky enough to find a gift she'd been searching for. Afterwards, we browsed at the bookstore for a while. I brought her home and chatted with her and her mom for a while before I had to leave. Even though Kristi and I may not see each other often, we still always pick right up again where we left off. Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon.

I barely had time to check the Net at home before it was time to change and leave for my company's holiday party. It was at a seafood restaurant; we'd gone there the year before too. A few people were quite late, but we waited for them before ordering dinner. The crab legs were good, but towards the end of the night the service was quite slow. I guess next year we should look for a new place to switch things up a little.

Today Eugene's cousins held a birthday party for two of their children. It was mid-afternoon, so we ran some errands before heading over. We got there shortly after the party was supposed to start only to find that it had been in progress for a while. Apparently people had decided to show up early--which is quite unusual in Filipino culture, let me stay. We had some food, watched the kids, took a few photos, and left.

We still had things to do at home, including putting up our new "Mini-Tree." It's six feet tall but much skinnier than the big tree we put up last year. Since we haven't gotten that one out of storage yet (it's at my in-laws' house), we figured the only way we would get a tree up at this point would be to get a small one. I have to admit it's a lot easier to put up the Mini-Tree than the half-a-tree we had last year. Besides, given how many ornaments we pick up on trips, we may eventually need two trees to display them all.

Editing: Believe it or not, I did get some editing done today, though it was light editing/reformatting. I am going to need a break from Lennon's Line before I do the final edit.

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