Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quick Recap

I've been a bit lazy about updating the blog, even though I've had things to blog about. Here's a quick summary:

I think I've mentioned before I'm a Nervous Nellie when it comes to winter driving. So Friday morning when Eugene watched the news and came into the bedroom to tell me the local roads were very bad, I took a snow day at work. I didn't get much done other than prep cookies for shipment (hopefully they'll go out this week) and take a much-needed nap in the afternoon. I didn't leave the apartment at all, but I'm well stockpiled with books.

Saturday I straightened out the apartment a bit. I also finally got out of the place: we had tickets to see Wayne Brady live. It was a combination dinner/show, though the dinner was separate from the tickets. The food was OK, things like appetizers, salads, and sandwiches (though I did see some people with prime rib). It was a packed house, and the show started late. The first game was a "gansta rap," which was ruined--or made even funnier--when Wayne's assistants couldn't spell words like "philanthropy." Wayne was rhyming words on a pad; he flipped the page over and went "what the--?" At least Wayne can spell! The show overall was funny, but it was even bluer than the Whose Line show. After the show, we stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home.

Today was a quiet day, mostly doing errands and laundry. I haven't done any editing in the last few days; lately it's been hard finding the energy. Hopefully after we get the cookies out I can get my priorities straight again.

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Russ said...

I wondered how you two held up with the snow. Sounds like you did just fine. :)

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