Monday, May 29, 2006

WisCon: Sunday Night

After dinner, Eugene decided to hang out with our friends some more. They played poker and sheepshead, and it sounds as if they had a good time. I would have enjoyed being with them too, but WisCon was still going strong. I dressed up for later (see below) and got in line early for the dessert reception; the line quickly stretched downstairs. I'd been to the dessert reception before, so I brought a book to pass the time while I waited; however, I would up chatting with the gentleman next to me. We actually got started early (since the con committee thought they were running late). We each were allowed to have two desserts; I chose chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate mousse. They were both very good, and I was glad I didn't take a slice of cake, as I wouldn't have had room for it. Since this was a special anniversary, we also got a glass of champagne to toast all the volunteers who make WisCon so wonderful. Then the guests of honor, Kate Wilhelm and Jane Yolen, spoke about personal experiences that affected their writing. The Carl Brandon Society presented a couple of prizes to works exploring issues affecting people of color; one of the winners donated the cash prize back to the society for a scholarship. The Tiptree Award (for a work exploring gender) was given to Geoff Ryman; WisCon is probably the only place where I've seen a man wearing a tiara (it's part of the award, along with chocolate and cash). The official ceremonies ended after he was serenaded.

Kate Wilhelm.

Jane Yolen.

Geoff Ryman, proudly wearing his tiara. During his acceptance speech, he said something to the effect that Heaven must look a lot like WisCon.

The serenade.

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