Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mom and Dad Meet Sushi

After seeing sushi on TV recently, my dad developed an urge to try it. So today Eugene and I met my parents at Todai, an all-you-can-eat sushi and seafood buffet in the Woodfield Mall. The menu is so big I only sampled the sushi (I had about five-six pieces, but there were plenty of varieties to choose from). They also had various soups, salads, and hot entrees available, which is good as my mom refused to try the sushi. My dad was more adventurous, trying to figure out how to use chopsticks and sampling the wasabi. Unfortunately, he took a good-sized portion of wasabi and learned quickly why that's a bad idea. I had my digital camera along, but I didn't get it out--luckily for my dad. He must have gotten it all over his plate; my mom took some of his rice (he ate the fish from the sushi but left the rice) and said it was hot. As for me, some of the calimari was too spicy for me too. I guess we're just not used to strong stuff. ;) But in the end, Dad said that sushi was "edible" and that he would have it again. My mom also found plenty of food to her liking, so we all left stuffed and happy.

Writing: I finished switching the first part of Lennon's Line from first person to third. I hate losing the intimacy of Jo's narration, since I think that's what gives that part its "hookiness," but I think if I'm going to make the two stories a novel, then it's best to put all of it in third person so they flow together better. I plan to keep sections of the first part of the story in Jo's voice, but they'll be cast as journal entries. Her journal plays a crucial role in part two, so I want to reference it along the way. My next step will be to outline the whole book. I'll need one eventually, and it will help me decide if I want to add or change scenes. Then I can review all of the comments I got from OWW and decide how much of them I want to use. It would be nice if I can finish the revising/editing by the end of the year, but with everything else going on that may be pushing it.


mark said...

Nice to see you had a good time. My parents are to old school and wouldn't even try sushi when I took them. Thats ok cause I eat it at least 2 times a week

Sandra said...

I guess you make up for it, then. ;)

My mom actually called me earlier tonight to ask if there were more sushi buffets closer to where they live. I know of a good sushi place in Madison, but it's not a buffet.

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