Friday, May 26, 2006

WisCon: Friday

Well, after driving up to Madison, I'm at the Concourse Hotel, listening to a panel on gender differences in magic. I attended part of a panel on culture clash this afternoon, but I didn't take notes. After the panel, I hung out at the Gathering for a while. I got my hair braided into a crown (I'll have to have Eugene take a picture of it later), drank tea and ate cookies, and hung around for a while, watching other people. I didn't run into anyone I know there, but I did see someone later in the dealers' room. So far I've only bought three books, which isn't much for me. Then I went to State Street and stocked up on shower gel and other goodies before having dinner at Chautuara (sp?), a Himlayan/Nepal restaurant. The opening ceremony was packed; the con is sold out at 1000 attendees, the most they've ever had.

Here are a few pictures I've taken so far:

A Captiol view from my hotel window.

The cow-tipping booth at the Gathering.

The knitting circle at the Gathering.

Former guests of honor gather to have a group photo taken on the stairs.

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