Sunday, March 05, 2006

Not the Last Dance After All

It turns out that our teachers are going to teach a Level IV class, since there's enough interest in one. It'll run for the next three Sundays at an earlier time. There'll be one hour of class and one hour of dancing to music so we have a chance to practice putting all of the moves together. We could certainly use the practice. Our weekends are going to be very busy this month; in fact, we're scheduled to go to a comedy show the last session of the Level IV class. We can make it up privately, however.

It's too late to write anymore tonight, so I'm going to send in my total for the week. I managed 557 words on Key earlier, so my grand total is 4,271 words. That's a lot better than I expected I would do. The question now is if I can keep it up.

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