Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Book Club Questions for Lyon's Legacy

I received a nice surprise last week when I found out the Insecure Writer's Support Group had chosen my novella, Lyon's Legacy, as one of this month's selections for their Goodreads book club. One of the moderators emailed me and asked me to contribute three questions to the discussion. I've listed them below:

  1. Joanna’s family history plays a big role in how she perceives herself. What are the positive and negative ways families and genetics affect her identity?
  2. Should the time travelers request permission to take DNA samples from the alternate universe, even if the people never know the true purpose for the samples? What would be fair compensation?
  3. Lyon’s Legacy was partly inspired by the author’s love for a famous rock group that she never got to see perform. If you could travel to the past to meet someone, who would it be and why? What would you want to bring back with you?

If you haven't read Lyon's Legacy yet (a science fiction novella about a scientist forced to clone a famous ancestor), you can download a permafree eBook from your favorite store here

Have you ever had a book of yours selected for a book club? What was it like? Feel free to share your thoughts below. If you celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, hope it's a happy and healthy holiday!




Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My book was last month, and yes, it was a nice surprise! You did a better job coming up with questions though.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Steven Arellano Rose Jr. said...

That's neat that your book was read for last month's club meeting! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Steven Arellano Rose Jr. said...

That's neat that they chose your book for the GoodReads Book Club! It looks like those are some really good questions to get people to think about the book. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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