Monday, February 15, 2016

Songs of Chaos Season

I'm between fifty to sixty pages from the end of the second draft of Chaos Season. As you might expect, a Chaos Season (a magical weather storm that mixes up the seasons) will be involved in the climax. I'm not sure if anyone else has written a story with this concept, but the idea has actually (and independently) inspired a couple of songs. Here's Sting comparing his lover's moods to the seasons:

Crowded House, on the other hand, is more melancholy when it comes to changing seasons. After all, have you ever thought that "wherever there is comfort, there is pain"?

I got the original idea for Chaos Season back in the early 90s, long before I heard either of these songs. (Ideas can't be copyrighted, only the expression of an idea.) Have you ever discovered a song that reminded you of a story? If so, what was it?


Pat Dilloway said...

I wrote a story called Folksingers Blues that was loosely based on songs by Josh Joplin.

Sandra Almazan said...

Cool, Pat!

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

A lot of authors write novels using soundtracks to put them in certain moods for particular scenes.
The song "Wrecking Ball" reminds me of the travesty Fifty Shades of Grey.

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