Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Resources About Women Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Jill Schultz, a member of Broad Universe, recently moderated a panel on women writers of science fiction and fantasy at Robercon. She was kind enough to share her list of resources about women writers with me so I could share them on my blog. Further information on Jill and her work is at the end of the list.

Resources About Women Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy
By Jill Shultz

· Great historical overview of prominent women SF/F writers.

· Women who won major awards.

·   Top Ten fantasy books/series chosen by Thea James, reviewer at The Book Smugglers.

· Reviews of SF written by women. Also includes lists of award winners and some SF classics.

· To counter an anthology by Issac Asimov that only included male authors, Ian Sales put together a list of 100 great stories by women. Twenty are available free online.

· A Hugo Award-winning collection of essays by Kameron Hurley about the erasure of women in literature.

· “The 2013 SF Count” by Niall Harrison, an analysis of gender representation in reviews.

· Susan Elizabeth Lyons tackles the question of gender bias in SF publishing. Links to studies and the results of a questionnaire sent to 31 women writers, including Grand Masters and well-known new writers.

· Broad Universe is a nonprofit that promotes women writers of SF, fantasy, and horror. Their catalog features the works of their members.
Jill Shultz is the author of Angel on the Ropes, a science fiction novel with a Cirque du Soleil vibe. It won the 2014 Readers’ Crown Award in science fiction from RomCon and was honored in three categories in the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards. Jill has also published a wildlife biology book and holds a B.S. from Cornell University and M.S. from Antioch. For most of her career she zigzagged between environmental and arts organizations; some of the strange but true consequences can be found on the author page of her website,

Angel on the Ropes: Amandine Sand is a dazzling trapeze artist who leads a perilous double life. When her two worlds collide, her secret—and her choices—might save her planet. Or ruin it.


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Good list for any science fiction writer.

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