Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog Ring of Power--Lauralynn Elliott

Today on the Blog Ring of Power, Laualynn Eliott talks about her creative process. You can find the About You and The Writing Life sections here and the About Your Current Work/Words of Wisdom sections here.

Where do you get your story ideas? 

Honestly, they just pop into my head out of nowhere most of the time.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I don’t usually get writer’s block. I get page fright, which is hard to explain. It’s this weird feeling that makes me afraid to open up my manuscript. But I make myself do it anyway.

Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser” (do you plan/outline the story ahead of time or write “by the seat of your pants”)? 

I’ve always been a firm pantser. However, I’ve actually started to do a little plotting. I’m kind of a hybrid. I don’t plot out everything, and I still let my characters take the lead. I guess I plot “loosely” now.

Do you use critique partners or beta readers? Why or why not? 

I definitely use beta readers. I’ve found that each one catches things that neither I nor other beta readers catch. That’s why I have about four most of the time.

How much time do you spend on research? What type of research do you do?

 For paranormal romances, there’s usually not a lot of research involved since it’s usually a mostly made up world. I guess the most research I had to do was when one of my books was set in the rain forest, and I had to make sure I knew what the foliage and the wildlife was like. Especially since my main character got bitten by a spider there.

Lauralynn Elliott is an independently published author of paranormal and fantasy romance books, as well as some horror. She started the indie journey several years ago and has never regretted it, loving the freedom to publish what she wants when she wants. You will find everything from vampires and ghosts to elves and wizards in her novels and novellas. She enjoys putting a little bit of a different twist on some of the old ideas about our favorite fictional characters.

Lauralynn lives in the southeastern United States with her husband of many years. She has two grown sons whom she adores. Reading, playing computer games, and spending time with friends are some of her favorite activities.

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When an arsonist sets a series of fires hotter than anything the local firefighters have ever seen, Finn McLain becomes the prime suspect. But all he’s trying to do is find out which of his fellow fire wizards is really guilty.

Niki Hansen is a firefighter who rushes into fires to save those trapped inside but always remains unscathed. She wants nothing more than to find out who’s setting these fires that burn everything down to ash, including the bodies of the victims.

When Finn sees Niki, he realizes she may be the first female fire wizard in a century. When she accuses him of setting the fires, he convinces her he’s innocent. But will he be able to convince her to embrace her unique abilities? While they try to find out who’s behind the fires, they end up starting a few fires of their own.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds like my sea kelp research. (Which was more than I ever wanted to know.)
Congratulations, Lauralynn!

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Thanks, Alex!

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