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Blog Ring of Power--Sara Zook

This week on the Blog Ring of Power we have Sara Zook. She'll be discussing The Creative Life here. You can find the rest of her interview at these links:

About You
The Creative Process
About Your Current Work
Words of Wisdom

Her latest book, A Magic Within, will be out next week.

What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine? Do you use pen and paper or computer? Work at home or at the library/Starbucks, etc. – I tend to write ideas down on a piece of paper and expand them into chapters on the computer.  I like to work at home in quiet (which doesn’t happen often with 3 little kids) or outside.
How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life? – Everyone is always surprised that I can work full-time, raise 3 kids who are sports and activities and still find time to write.  It’s not easy because I don’t want to neglect my family, but I somehow find time here and there to sit down and get a large amount written at one time instead of pieces here and there.

How much time per day do you spend on your writing? – It’s definitely not daily, although I wish it were.  Writing full-time is a future goal of mine.  When I do get a chance to sit down and write, I’d say it can be anywhere from 3-7 hours, not straight, always with interruptions, but I tend to devote a day to doing this once a week.

Other than your family, what has been your greatest source of support? – The bloggers.  I love how amazing they are.  They want to hear from you and promote you.  They encourage you (heckle you in a good way) to get that next book done.  They are truly a blessing.

How do you deal with rejection and/or negative reviews?- It’s always hard to read a negative review, but it happens to the best of them.  I take into consideration that everyone likes different things.  It’s what makes the world go round. 

Sara V. Zook is a paranormal/fantasy writer. She is the author of the Strange in Skin Trilogy, Clipped and Evanescent, Book 1 in The Sempiternal Series. She lives in Pennsylvania with her 3 small children and husband.


 Normalcy. I need to get back to a state of normalcy. What’s happened to me? Why am I here in this orphanage, and why am I forbidden to leave? Everyone is so very cruel here. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s the paranoia getting to me. It’s like someone’s always watching, always listening. There’s a general fear around here, and for some reason, it seems fueled by my arrival, but why are they afraid of me? I didn’t ask for this. I don’t even know how I got here. I need to go home. My parents must be worried sick. There has to be someone here who can help me, who can give me answers and lead me in the right direction so I can get out of here. There is this one boy, Lydic. Could he be my key to getting out? I can see it in his eyes he feels sorry for me. He seems to know more than he’s letting on. These people aren’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. They act like I have secrets, but they’re the ones not talking. I’ve never been alone like this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to figure out what’s going on and get out.

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